Why is Marketing important & what how do you market the right way?

Most times when businesses go out of business is because their marketing has failed them. 

Marketing is the backbone of any business. One of the very most important aspects of your business is that you should really know and understand your customer. Sadly a lot of businesses don't. 

If you don't understand your customer, it is not too late to start. Think of it this way... When you scroll on social media, or listen to a podcast,

or speak to a mentor and they explain exactly how you feel about a specific topic, don't you feel special or understood? You have this feeling

that you would buy what they have to offer because they understand you, and they can solve your problem. That is what you need to do with your prospects. 

When you market your product or service your prospect / customer need to feel that this (what you offer) is their solution.

No other product is going to solve their problem as well as the solution that you offer. The only way to do this is to really understand your customer is to create an avatar. 

You need to get a clear picture of your ideal customer, including:

  • Pain points
  • ​Roadblocks
  • Questions
  • Desires
  • ​ Results 
  • ​...and MORE!

Once you established your ideal customer and understand what their problem is, you can now solve this problem. But then what happens is,

now you create a new problem for them that needs to be solved. 

Generally the solution that you have to offer comes in the format of an Offer Ladder. When you solve one problem, you actually create another

problem that you can solve.

For example, when you sell your prospect a roll of tape you create a problem, the problem is how are they going to cut the tape, the solution is a

dispenser that can cut the tape, now that they have the dispenser what is the next problem that they can have. Maybe the next solution to

their problem is the type of tape. Double sided or not? Clear or colored? What width do they need etc. 

When you have your dream avatar and offer ladder sorted, then the next step in your marketing takes place. The sales funnel.

The sales funnel can be created to collect leads or to make a sale. 

At Unleash Your Marketing we set you up with a 30-Day Marketing Plan to build your audience, your email list, help you to generate you leads on automation and turn those leads into sales. At the end of the 30 days, you can plug and play what we created and all you need to do is just tweak.

Get In touch with Us for a 15 minute Clarity Call On Your Business.

If you can't find a space available, please email us at info@unleashyourfocus.com

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