What Can I Help You With Today?

What Can I Help You With Today?

 Funnel Building   

Did you know that traditional websites can make your customers feel lost and confused?

Another big problem with a traditional website is that it has many exits. Lots of opportunities for your potential client to leave without providing their contact information or potential buying from you.

With a funnel your prospects won’t feel lost and you don’t run the risk of losing them without follow up.

You have a opportunity to point your customers straight to the product or service they need the most. The best part is, if they don’t buy on the spot you can automatically follow up with them even after they left your page.

You are currently on my website. I use this website as a information page. But buttons to this website goes to my funnels.

It is good to have both. But keep in mind, it is always good to have a goal with your website or funnel. Weather it is to generate leads or sales, sell something or to do a webinar.


Marketing... This is a big word with so much meat on it.

Let's break it down.

There is all kinds of marketing. SEO (search engine optimization, social media, content marketing, email Marketing, PPC (pay per click), traditional marketing (TV, Radio, Billboards, Newspapers, flyers etc.)

At Unleash Your Marketing, we focus on really understanding your dream client and then build a strategy around them. This includes a funnel, social media, lead magnet(s), and also a course if there is a option for that. We believe in passive income, and we want to help you to achieve that as much as possible.

We set you up with a 30-Day Marketing Plan to build your audience, your email list, and generate you leads and sales. At the end of the 30 days, you can plug and play what we created and all you need to do is just tweak.

Depending on the option you chose of our plans, you can also join our marketing academy after 30-days to receive live weekly coaching calls along with our free software that includes a funnel, website and course builder, campaign set up, email marketing, booking platform and more. You can click here for more information.


Joy offer 1on1 coaching and weekly group coaching within the Unleash Your Marketing Academy.

1on1 coaching is limited because time is limited. The 1on1 coaching is limited to 2 clients a month. This is high ticket and starts from $1500

Joy have helped many entrepreneurs start and or grow a business.

From selling masks made from recycled material, launching a book novel, podcast and advertising music productions, health coaching, voice narration, life coaching, mindset coaching and so much more (Yes, these are real businesses that started up).

And you can do it too.

Discover! Authority In The Market Place With 

Avatar Knowledge Blueprint

Customer Relationship #1

Build genuine relationships with your customers, give them the results they desire, solve their problems, and you might just win yourself a client for life no matter the product or service you provide down the line. You will earn loyalty.  

Targeted Reach #2

Try to reach everyone and reach no-one. Too many times I hear "my product is for everyone" There is a difference in selling your product to a 18 year old and your grandfather. 

You don't want to be a waiter in a restaurant trying to sell a steak to a vegan.

Results Driven #3

We establish that knowing your customer one of the most important things in your business, if not the most important. So now you know your avatar, what is next? How do you target them effectively to get growth transformation?

Join The 21-DAY Challenge Understand Your Customers

  • Building Customer relationships on a deeper level
  • Targeted Reach understands your customers - don't sell steak to a vegan!
  • Results Driven with the right targeting you can triple your sales

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